Steve Grand / All American Boy: Review

Openly gay singer Steve Grand went from YouTube cover artist to an internationally known star almost overnight when his debut single ‘All American Boy’ went viral. His follow up album under the same name enjoyed success making him one of the most prominent LGBT singers of our time.

Track-By-Track Review:

Say You Love Me

A great opening track to the record, it perfect encapsulates Grands sound and the records love requiting theme. Meaningful lyrics, perfectly juxtaposed against a sweet pop beat, the song is fun and has a killer chorus to scream-sing along to.

Red, White and Blue

Showcases Steve’s (very deep) lower register, this track focuses on his love for his country, despite questioning his countries opinion on his sexuality – especially at the time of release during the fight for legalising gay marriage. A fun pop-rock track reminiscent of early 00’s bops.

We Are The Night

This is Grands crowning anthem of self-love, and acceptance in an empowering and uplifting dance track. The uptempo track is made up of dance, rock and pop influences that create a radio friendly. He even has a spoken-word breakdown, spurring on people of every race, sexuality, and gender to dance along. This is his ‘Born This Way’, ‘Firework’, or ‘Raise Your Glass’ that is sure to get you going.

All American Boy

The song that launched the album, it is a beautiful and heartfelt pop track with heavy country and rock vibes. One of the more polished and refined numbers on the album, it is a great choice for his first single exploring into Grands personal life. The song has a universal message of love that listeners gravitate towards, which explains its immediate success.

Soakin’ Wet

This number starts slow, and sweet and then explodes into technicolor madness for the joyous chorus that Grand is an expert at making. Filled with giant bass beats and cute illusions, the lyrics arn’t the best but its fun and playful. He’s feeling very male-Taylor Swift with touches of 1D, which we’re loving!

Loving Again

Switching things up, Grand provides this emotionally taxing power ballad that showcases the best in both his songwriting skills, and his vocals with some stunning, and raw moments throughout. A highlight of the record.

Whiskey Crime

With a country leaning sound, this song is an ode to drinking but falls a little flat as a party song. It is very disjoined with more subtle choruses than previous numbers and a laid back vibe but with shining moments such as the cool guitar solo.


Oh y’all wanted country? Well here it is. A cute, feel-good track for the summer this is Grand’s second single – and a great choice at that. The lyrics are fun, and create a perfect happy, loving fantasy while the production is catchy and light.

Next to Me

Grand sexes things up on this steamy track as the piano infused dance beat is sensual, and seductive with enough charisma to make the stripped back song writing interesting. It’s nothing too groundbreaking but a great pop offering.


Slowing things down a bit, Grands final single from his album is a gentle love ballad that demonstrates his skills as a songwriter, and focuses on the beautiful tone his voice can offer. The song has a tremendous spirit mixing feelings of joy, and heartbreak synonymously.

Better Off

A sombre track as this album goes through the motions of a well-rounded story – this is a track every listener will be more than familiar with and feel connected to. Even with a dance track beat, it is hard not to feel heartbreak through the simplistic offering.


Exploring the endless difficulties, and confusion of youth this is a standout track of the album as it leans heavily into both amazing production, and Grand’s stellar voice. A captivating performance with an uplifting message, it is a track you need to hear.

Back to California

Released the day of the albums kickstarter, this song alone is more than enough reason why Grand found so much success in fans funding his music. A stunning album closer, it’s another of Grand’s emotional power ballads. His lyrics tell a rich, and deep story that delves deep into his personal life – a trait he has mastered as a songwriter. Another solid performance, and show-stopping spectacle.

Our Verdict Is: There is a reason Steve Grand is one of the top LGBT names in music as this 13-track effort is chocked full of great songs. His abilities as both singer, and songwriter are proven to be great, and the exploration of themes are thought-provoking and captivating. Crossing through genres of country, pop, rock, and dance he truly has craved his own sound with strong vocals and interesting sounds.

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