Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 6 Ruview

We’re just one episode away from out finale, and sadly one of these queens won’t be making it!

Rather than Ru entering the workroom this episode, the girls meet him on the main stage for the best mini challenge yet: a vogue-off!

Nina and Rebecca were named the top two, once again ignoring Shannel’s success. After a vogue off between the two Nina rightfully snatched the trophy.

Once again the mini challenge leads into the main challenge as the queens must create three looks for a drag ball! These looks are swimsuit, executive realness, and evening gown!

As if they haven’t given Absolut vodka enough promo, during the ball each queens must represent a different fruit flavour from the vodka. Nina’s challenge win allowed her to dish out the categories: she chose mango, Bebe was given raspberry, Shannel had mandarin, and Rebecca was left with citrus.

Bebe really struggled with the colours she was given to work with, Shannel also faced difficulty with nailing down her decisions. Nina became nervous over matching her more outrageous aesthetic to the toned down task for the week, while Rebecca’s biggest problem was finding her pen.

For some reason, after giving his feedback to the girls in the workroom, Ru bring out Charro for an impromptu cocktail party. After a little spirit lifting, Ru decides to add the pressure once more; informing the girls they must incorporate their chosen fruit into their gown.

On the main stage Ru and the gang are joined by guest judges Absolut Vodka’s Jeffrey Moran and actress, singer, and former Miss. Venzueala?? Maria Conchita Alonzo.

4. Rebecca (Bottom 2): Her executive look was kinda lacking. The pinstripe suit just wasn’t femme enough for the challenge, the top was tacky, and not executive at all and her hair was a bit of a mess. Her answer as to why she should win was weak. Maybe it was the yellow due to getting citrus, but the swimsuit was weak and plain. Rebecca’s dress flowed beautifully, and her accessories were cute, but it was kinda boring once again.

3. Nina (Safe): Her executive look went well with the Absolut challenge, but the hair was just a mess. Though we see why she chose longer hair. Her answer to why she should win was decent. Her swimsuit look wasn’t the best, but her hair and head band was stunning. Nina looked very soft and fish for once, well as much as she can with those cheekbones!

2. Shannel (Bottom 2): Her executive look was stunning! It fit the brief, it was cool and sexy. She gave true OC real estate, working mom realness. Her answer as to why she should win was everything in all the wrong reasons “our distinguished panel of judges”, honestly amazing. Her swimsuit look was cute, and fun, and the hair was laid! Shannel looks so good with clothes on! In the hardest colour to work with she looked stunning, and elegant.

1. Bebe (Winner): Her executive look was everything (for season one). She met the challenge and looked stunning. Her answer to why she should win was also killer, as always. Her swimsuit was crazy! We never knew Bebe had this body hiding under all of her gowns! Her hair, make-up and accessories were all on point! Her evening gown was stunning. The fit and shapes were interesting, and the hair was magnificent.

All of the girls are asked who should go, and while Rebecca says Shannel, the rest of the girls big Rebecca, except Shannel that is. She instead chooses herself. She then decides to go on a rant about how beautiful she is and how under-appreciated she has been throughout the competition.

The bottom two ended up as Shannel and Rebecca. The pair lip synced to ‘Shackles’ in a tight race with Ru sending home Shannel and taking Rebecca to the final three.

Our Verdict Is: As much as her over-confidence bugged us this season, we actually think Shannel was worth so much more than what she was given on this show! She gave us some of our greatest moments, looks, and quotes of the series. It’s shocking that Rebecca managed to slide her way into the top three, for her potential? Ru, the competitions over! Who cares about potential at this point? Either way we have a well rounded top three: Nina with her androgyny, Bebe with her talent, and Rebecca with her….fishiness? Also, we also love Ru’s invention of the word “stick-with-it-ness”.

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