Spotlight On: Daniel Newman

One minute you’re a glorified extra on television, and the next you’re a social media star with a dedicated following of one million strong.

We covered Daniel Newman when he chose to publicly come out last month in an inspiring series of messages, and video. The actor who was most known for his role on The Walking Dead had worked steadily on projects such as The Vampire Diaries, Heroes, and One Tree Hill but became a recognisable name following the reveal of his sexuality.

In the time since he has amassed more than 1 million followers on Twitter, and has thrown himself into the world of LGBT advocacy, using his distinguished platform to make his voice heard. He has even given a speech at the Human Rights Campaign annual gala.

Born 14 June 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia Newman grew up in a small farm town but moved to Brooklyn, New York as soon as he was old enough to pursue his larger dreams of becoming a musician.

After studying at Yale University through a special honors program, he struggled to make ends meat as a singer but was scouted by photographer Bruce Weber who helped him become a model, appearing worldwide on magazine covers advertisements for Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Now at 35 years old, the singer / actor has released his own album independently titled, Rodeo but has not found much success with it. Most recently, he has found himself modelling for the popular GQ-produced calendar Red Hot receiving much fanfare.


Using his social media to inform, and to fight tirelessly for LGBT rights we are excited to see what becomes of our latest LGBT celebrity to come out – lets just hope he can make it through The Walking Dead without dying any time soon!

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