Spotlight On: Matthieu Jost

While you may not be familiar with Matthieu Jost, he is a leading LGBT entrepreneur behind a string of highly successful businesses that has established him a self-made millionaire.

The French entrepreneur is the founder of websites misterbnb and MyGayTrip, creating his first business at just 17-years-old, flipping it to make millions by the time he exited at 21.

Jost founded the French media company Taplanete in 2003. The company published Internet sites for television shows and music, before being purchased by AlloCiné in 2004. Jost later founded the website MyGayTrip which has been referred to as a TripAdvisor-type site for the LGBT community. It was founded as a joint venture along with Marc Dedonder and the French magazine Têtu.

Misterbnb on the other hand was thought up after Jost took a trip to Barcelona. He rented a room in a shared apartment and upon arrival was treated badly by the owner who was not expecting a gay couple.  Jost felt uncomfortable by the experience and returned to Paris the next day. He then began building the site as a way for people to travel to welcoming environments.  The website started as a combination MyGayTrip and short-term apartment rental service, Sejourning and has developed into an Airbnb for the LGBT community.

Not only does Jost stand as one of the most successful gay entrepreneurs in the world, but he is formidable in creating his wealth through LGBT-focused businesses that have seen tremendous, and wide-reaching appeal in the community.


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