Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 7 Ruview

We are now down to our final three queens, and it’s a tight race ahead of the finale! Well, between two of the girls at least. At this point it’s so exciting to see who will be the first ever Drag Race winner!

Ru kicks this episode off in the craziest of gowns. Clearly inspired by Ongina’s ‘drag on a dime’ look, she struts out in a strange loofa fantasy.

In the workroom the queens weight each other up, each with their mind on snatching the elusive crown. With no framework to judge by it really is anyones guess who will win, even Rebecca seems to be in with a shot given she is the fishiest queen left.

After a dragged-up RuPaul gives the girls their weekly challenge hint from the monitor, judges Santino and Merle enter the work room for the first time to give the girls their final challenge: perform in RuPaul’s ‘Cover Girl’ music video.

Working with a choreographer they must learn a routine, create a look, and write their own verse for the song!

Note: This is the first time either judge has seen the girls out of drag which seems crazy! Does Michelle ever see the girls out of drag prior to elimination? Has she ever entered the workroom?

Surprise, surprise Rebecca struggles with the challenge immediately during the choreography session. During the rap-recording session she didn’t come with enough material, and then struggled to record it correctly. She was clearly the weakest of the three in the video shoot, and they had an entire segment over her turning up late which gave Bebe and Nina extra video time. The shade.

Nina sailed through the chereo but once again struggled with her thick accent during the rap, we’re so tired of Puerto Rican queens being screwed over by critiques of this. Her video look was fierce and she performed spectacularly, she was so in her element.

Bebe slayed both the choreography and rap section of the challenge, but honestly who was the rapper instructing them? He was honestly quite awful. Her video look was decent, but her performance varied from sassy to slightly crazy.

We get our first ever Tictac lunch with Ru! Nina opens up about her mothers passing, her fathers initial disapproval and then acceptance, she even called Ru “mother” – if only she knew.

Bebe informed Ru of her desire to help her home country of Cameroon after the show, bringing herself to tears. Rebecca’s interview put herself in a bad light consisting mostly of why the other girls didn’t like her. Damn editors.

It’s endearing that the queens are just now learning each others boy names and despite Bebe being called Nea Marshall Kudi, she struggles to get her tongue around Nina’s name, Jorge. The irony is hilarious. While Nina and Bebe bond and reflect, Rebecca is having none of it!

Ru hits the mainstage in her red loofa dress joined by only the regular judges Merle and Santino.

Rebecca (Third): She is giving a full Barbie fantasy. Her plastic-looking make-up, cheap blonde wig, and pink mini-dress are all cohesive but the overall look is far too simple for her final look.

Bebe (Winner): Her gown is true elegance, the colour and cu are stunning and the shimmer works perfectly under the lights. Her hair and make-up are stunning too.

Nina (Second): She has a stunning pant suit with a sidesplit train that gags the judges. The colour, fit, and style as well as her hair and make-up is all Nina at her best.

The unsuprising top two Nina and Bebe lip sync to Cover Girl, and it was in-credible, as Ru herself said. While Bebe was sensual and fun, Nina was high-energy and hungy, with the pair working beautifully together as well as standing out along.

Announcing the winner we truly miss the real crownings, over multiple tapings – you don’t get reactions like this anymore! Bebe falling to the ground to have the sweet Nina squealing in joy for her was touching, and a great moment.

Our Verdict Is: We understand why Bebe was a safer choice for the first ever winner of the show, but we feel if she and Nina competed today she could possibly take the win. Bebe was a deserving winner nonetheless and looked killer in that crown.

The Akashia coming back joke was funny, and displays the shows humour, making us think of Katya at the S7 finale. We also loved sweet Rebecca excitedly exclaiming “we’re gonna be all over MTV, everywhere!” – not quite girl! She also gave Laganja-realness “Glasscock for your nerves mamma!”

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