Rupaul’s Drag Race: Season 1 Episode 8 Ruview

With the show over and the winner crowned, it’s time to catch up with all out ladies in one of the most intense reunion show in herstory!

Ru opens the show out of drag, and introduces our queens:

Porkchop is first out in some kind of JC Penny outfit, maybe she did deserve to go first! Tammie follows in a killer ensemble, just as kooky as ever. Akashia looks hot AF, but those brows are something else! Filler queen Jade is just…Jade, but her hair is sickening!

Porkchop is as sweet as ever, Tammie is as crazy as ever and calls herself a “high concept character” – does this mean she’s faking the loco? Akashia owns up to her bitch moniker and opens up about her troubled life. Hilariously, Ru called out a stain on her dress, the shady bitch.

For Jade’s interview Ru focuses primarily on her tuck, questioning her penis size even though Jade stated her embarrassment over it earlier in the season. She also spears the Rebecca should have been sent home movement, complaining about Rebecca attacking her during the lip sync and echoing the viewers opinions.

Our next girls out are Ongina who is stunning and energetic as ever, Shannel who is still the high strung showgirl, and Rebecca giving us her usual minidress and shake & go wig schtick.

Ongina talks about the controversial reaction she was met with since appearing on the show. She also delves into detail about her HIV diagnosis, and sharing the news with her family. Ru reveals his single ‘Ladyboy’ was inspired but her while plugging his new album.

For Shannel’s segment we get a supercut of her egotistical moments, which we love! She confronts Ru over his dislike of her, and starts in on Rebecca staying over her and winning certain challenges.She also informs us of her 39 character illusion and we’re intrigued as to who they all are!

Onto Rebecca and she barely gets a sentence in before the girls begin to argue with her one by one. Jade especially takes issue with her over the lip sync saga, even though Rebecca gave her her brand new green contacts! You guys!

Our last two queens out are Nina, looking killer as always, and winner Bebe giving us female Michael Jackson vibes. After a second album plug by RuPaul we get into the questioning.

Nina is graceful, beautiful, and hilarious as ever detailing her pride in Bebe, the reaction of her city and home country, and the embarrassment over the HIV flub she made in the Oprah challenge.

Bebe’s interview seems to revolve mostly around Africa. Both the support and threats she has received from the continent. As the true drag superstar she is poised, well-spoken, and diplomatic.

Half the queens oppose Rebecca’s placement in the top three, and Jade and Rebecca hug and make up.

The viewer questions are mostly so-so, but Shannel revealing her head piece slip was intential gave us our best ru-action ever as he is gagged!

In the best section of the show, the girls get to turn on the judges and it is dramatic! Shannel blames Santino for her choosing to leave the show while stating once more that she is amazing, especially in her $550 pants.

Tammie stirs Ru up into her iconic five-minute rant, giving her own iconic phrase “I don’t see you walking the children in her nature”

Coming to the end of the show we can’t believe the first ever season is almost over so soon, but before it ends Nina Flowers is crowned Miss. Congeniality! Loca!

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