How The Babadook Became An Overnight Gay Icon

During this years pride month you’ve most likely stumbled across an odd addition to the LGBT family at Pride festivals, news articles, and in memes – well prepare to be Babashook by this years hottest new gay icon; The Babadook.

No, that is not a typo, the mysterious star of his self-titled movie The Babadook first made his mark in 2014 when the psychological horror found itself a cult audience.

While the film saw moderate success upon release, it was not until October 2016 that Babadook’s sexuality became a subject of note when a Tumblr user posted: “Whenever someone says the Babadook isn’t openly gay it’s like?? Did you even watch the movie???” – this divided opinion with many questioning the accusation, while others whole heartedly agreed.

A few months later, another Tumblr user posted a screenshot of the movie on Netflix, listed under the LGBT viewing section – it is unknown wether this was an error from the site, or photoshopped. Either way it propelled his standing in the community, with some stating that the B in LGBT stood for Babadook.


From there the meme has grown thick and fast, peaking during this months pride season. While there are often rapid fire monthly memes across the internet, this LGBT featured addition is particularly hilarious with the community going full out in creating content.

There are videos, pictures, merchandise, fanfic, and most importantly hilarious cosplay featuring the now iconic member of the gay community.

What started as a humorous throwaway joke due to the Babadooks odd appearance, and name striking a seemingly random joke became far more rooted in the Babadiscourse across social media mostly due to the negative response it drew from spectators. Some witnessing the movement found it preposterous that a horror movie villain could identify as queer, and found it incorrect to assume his sexuality as nothing was explicitly stated in the movie. This apposal rose another question of why we view several characters across all types of media with unidentified sexualities as automatically straight – and so the gays chose this certain character as their own on a comment on that negative phenomenon.

Tim Purcell, who played the character in the 2014 film was even contacted regarding the meme, in which he stated: “I had a big jacket and the hat, and I actually had to make this mouth prosthetic to have this huge open-mouth look, and you’ve got the contact lenses on, and crap all over your teeth — you do look fairly horrifying,” Purcell recalled. “You definitely feel scary. I didn’t feel like a gay icon at the time, I can tell you that much.”

So there you have it, The Babadook is a fully fledged LGBT member as both a supporter and icon that has pulled the community together more than ever during pride month – check out some of our favourite memes below.




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