Spotlight On: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

A storyteller through images, Tommy Ga-Ken is the Glasgow based professional that has blew up as one of the worlds leading photographers. As an LGBT activist and leader, he is one to keep an eye on.

Discovering his passion at an early age, his parents gave him his first camera at 14 which helped him hone his gift. Just three years later he made the big time, his work was being published and exhibited internationally.

A self-confessed socially-awkward teenager, Ga-Ken Wan found solitude behind the lens of his camera, using it as a tool to express himself, and engage with others around him.

At the age of 19, he traveled to Pakistan and began his career as a freelance photographer. Since then he has undertaken a diverse range of projects; from working on film sets in Hong Kong and Paris to helping schoolchildren produce art exhibits, to documenting stage shows in Las Vegas,  to documenting the arts and nightlife scene across Europe, he has done it all. A noted photographer he has given lectures at venues including The University of Glasgow and the High Commission of Pakistan, and produced a wealth of exhibitions.

From 2010 to 2012, he appeared as a resident judge on The Big Shot, a photography-themed reality TV show filmed and broadcast in Singapore. During this time he kept his sexuality strictly personal due to the countries laws banning homosexuality. Though in his free time he did immerse himself in the gay scene, visiting local bars, and pride festivals advising that the official laws were seldom enforced.

With an academic background in literature Ga-Ken Wan often involves essays documenting the rich backgrounds of his photographed subjects that adds an impressive dimension to his work. Reading his introspective works on sexuality, and race are just as interesting as the mesmerising images in his ever-growing portfolio.

Check him out below:







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