Why You Should Be Watching: GLOW

We love a Netflix original about a bunch of bad-ass women, and Glow is our latest obsession. Showcasing a bunch of unsatisfied women in the gender roles of the 80’s wanting to break out this wrestling comedy drama is the shit.

What’s the name of the show? Glow

How many seasons are there? Released by Netflix on June, 23 this is the first season as of yet. As always all 10 episodes are all available, and running from 30 – 40 minutes each its easy to binge over a weekend.

What is this show all about? Set in the 80’s, Glow sees struggling actress Ruth Wilder fail to make it in Hollywood, and thus turn to accepting a job at a struggling professional wrestling promotion ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’. It’s a true underdog story that sees the ladies of the company struggling with training to look like professionals, raising money to keep the business afloat, as well struggling to connect to one another and their own personal issues outside of the ring.  

Who does it star? Alison Brie heads up the cast in a slightly annoying, but endearing nonetheless Ruth in a role that exhibits the humour she refined on Community with a stellar fix of endless charisma. Nurse Jackie star Betty Gilpin plays her friend turned nemesis and failed soap opera star Debbie Eagan. 

Comedian Marc Maron makes the most of his black comedy roots as he heads up the ladies as the scheming, coke head manager Sam Sylvia. British pop star Kate Nash shows off her acting chops as cutesy British wrestler Rhonda. Mad Men star Rich Sommer plays the insufferable shit-starter between out ladies, Mark Eagen, who we can not wait to be written out by the end of next season. Lastly, Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the underrated CW show The Carrie Diaries rounds up the cast as racially profiled Jenny.

What’s it similar to? One of the closest likenesses we can make to this show would be Orange Is The New Black. There’s a wealth of strong, and colourful women characters who take centre stage with the level of humour, and complexities you would hope to see in a female cast. Given the time period it was set there is also a healthy amount of social criticism through exploiting certain problems of this era; the Asian wrestler is given a stereotypical garb, while the East Asian is made-up to be a terrorist, and there is a lot of references to USA vs Russia.

I don’t like wrestling, will I still like it? Wrestling in itself is kind of silly, so in a comedy about ladies who don’t have the first clue about it either it is completely bearable. While wrestling is the premise of the show it is not central to the actual storyline in terms of story, and drama – it is the overall framework that allows the characters and stories to develop. Likewise if you do enjoy wrestling, there are doses here and there but don’t expect a faithful documentary type show about the ‘sport’?

What about the eye candy? As a show dedicated, and celebrating strong women we’re happy to give this show a pass on the criminally low amounts of eye candy. The saving grace is Chris Lowell from The Help, Private Practice, and Veronica Mars. Kind of past it now we’d say but sometimes you just have to make do!

Our Verdict Is: This isn’t Netflix’s greatest export, not by a longshot but it has all the makings of a great show. While I was not griped to the television I enjoyed sitting through the quick season nonetheless. There’s a level of investment you begin to feel with certain characters, and a will for them to prosper that will keep you checking in. Give it a go and if you’re not sold by the end of the first episode then give it a skip – it’s pretty hit and miss. 

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