Top 10: Lindsay Lohan Movies

She was the greatest up-and-coming star that captured the hearts of a generation, until she took her boundless potential as Hollywoods teen queen and suffered the greatest of downfalls this side of the 00’s.

Of course we are talking about none other than Lindsay Lohan, and in honour of the  star that could have been, we have listed her top greatest hits:

10. The Canyons

Beating out iconic pieces of cinema including the CBS television movie Labour Pains, the Tyra Banks-starring Barbie flick Life Size, and the sixth movie in a franchise focused on a self-driving car Herbie: Fully Loaded is the 2013 indie The Canyons. Starring alongside porn star James Deen, the actual details of the story is paper thin in an wildly uninteresting plot but the movie makes our top ten for the sole reason that it was her much anticipated (for Lilo fans anyway) comeback. Given the amount of comebacks she has attempted since, it clearly did not stick but it her last acting role in a few years and for that we stand by it.

9. Just My Luck

Oh Lord, how painfully foretelling this movie was; Ashley Albright had all the luck in the world, incapable of doing any wrong until things change in an instant and she can barely stay on her feet… how accurate! In this 2006 rom-com she flared her physical comedy skills in the autopilot mode of acting she pulls of so delightfully. While all the archetypal elements were there, even a feature from McFly or a pre-fame Chris Pine could add any spark to this movie. It is however a a fun watch – perfect number nine.

8. Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule was a 2007 drama that saw Lohan rushed to hospital due to ‘exhaustion’, get called out in an open letter to her entire business world, and a flurry of annoyed confrontation – that was just behind the scenes. While the film received overwhelming negative reviews it is redeemed not only by the holy trinity of Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman, and Lohan but for the for the fact that she plays a 17-year-old bad girl obsessed with drugs, drinking, and blowing cute guys in canoes. Yas Qween. After departing from Disney, Lilo’s bad girl role may have tanked her career but it did wonders for a re-watch.

7. Get A Clue

James Bond, Jason Bourne, Sherlock Holmes – move asice, the number one spy flick in recent years is the Lohan-fronted Get A Clue. With a diverse cast (including the iconic Brenda Strong), high tech gadgets (clunky toy shop gifts), and the hottest fashions (platform sandles) it is the cinema standard that will have you wishing MI5 would snatch you up. As rich and popular Lexi Gold, Lohan spills all of the tea trying to uncover the whereabouts of her missing teaching. It really is a fun Disney Channel original that is criminally underrated.

6. I Know Who Killed Me

A confused mind fuck disguised as a psychological thriller, this film was final nail in the coffin that sunk Lohan’s once unstoppable career. This shoddily put together piece was the epytimous moment she lost her stardom for good. Many a child star go to extremes to be seen as serious adults; Miley swung naked, Justin had a punch up with a pap, and Britney built her entire career on it. In I Know Who Killed Me, Lohan played a one-legged stripper who finds her estranged twin buried alive via twin telepathy. While you may be saying to yourself “this sounds like a thought-provoking art piece” you would be correct, unfortunately it was too ahead of its time for the vox populi.

5. Liz And Dick

In many ways Lilo resembles the screen legend Elizabeth Taylor – glamorous, sophisticated, tragic. So getting into character as the cinema icon for the 2012 Lifetime movie must have been a doddle. While its initial focus may have been the power couple, Lilo stole the focus with ease. Shockingly the film failed to score any noms for that years award season, but as with any Lifetime original movie the camp-factor pours out of every element; from the script to the acting to the wardrobe, it is an enjoyable watch from start to finish. Just seeing how Lohan truly believes that this is her Oscar moment after years of low rated movies is delightful with her hammy overacting that reminds us why (according to herself in her self-titled docu-series in the midst of a teary breakdown) she is the most talented actor there is.

4. Freaky Friday

Now we’re really getting into it, Freaky Friday is one of Lilo’s true masterpieces. A far superior remake of the original 1979 phenomenon, this flick is what made Lohan the must have teen queen of the early 2000’s. She performed double duty as the rebellious teen, while showing off her ‘serious’ side channeling the uptight mother; the phenomenal, and surprisingly hilarious Jamie Lee Curtis. Together the pair have great chemistry and craft a heartwarming, silly, and enjoyable movie suitable for everyone. Lilo even gets the opportunity to showcase her musical side for the first time with a wedged in ‘rock band’ subplot. With a feature from Chad Michael Murray it holds the 00’s stamp of approval.

3. Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

Confessions was basically our lives at 15-years-old, and nobody quit captured the art of growing up as an overdramatic, bratty fantasist quite like Lohan’s Lola Stepp. Perhaps one of Lilo’s most interesting character due to her confident, dreamer, rebellious approach to life that often bordered on the disturbed (such as pretending her very much alive father was dead). Fill of whimsy, melodrama, and a bitter feud with Megan Fox that ends with an arcade dance battle, this movie has everything a great chick flick should encompass. All ending of course with a show stopping musical number, and a kiss from a hunky guy – oh, and Megan Fox falling into a fountain, of course.

2. Parent Trap

The movie that birthed an icon. For her double role on this Disney remake, Lohan performed so well that she tricked everybody into thinking she genuinely had a twin sister performing alongside her. She was just that good. Dina Lohan even expressed her very correct belief that she should have been awarded an Oscar for the performance. This film is a real feel good family comedy that is actually pretty decent, and shows Lilo as an up-and-coming talent.

1. Mean Girls

Not only is this Lilo’s most iconic movie, but it is one of the most iconic teen movies of decades passed. There isn’t a teen out there who can’t quote at least one line from this, and anybody who’s anybody will clock the references instantly. A cultural shift in teenage society, this was the Citizen Kane of its age group, and Lohan was the undisputed star. This is the milestone which launched her from teen queen status to infamous tabloid legend. While it is the glistening pinnacle of her career it also sadly marks the beginning of the ongoing downfall of Hollywoods most famous fire-crotch.

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