Guide To: 10 Gay Men To Befriend

We have already listed the 10 kinds of gay men you need to avoid, so now we’re giving you the 10 best dudes to befriend! From drama queens, to hook-ups we have it all.

Gay friends come in all shapes, and sizes but below we have listed the core ten for you to make sure you have in your deck. They will spice up your life more than a Spice Girl’s reunion.


Befriending the ‘extra’ guy will bring a level of colour to your life in ways you did not think was possible. They will turn any ordinary event into a fabulous gala, and you will never be at risk of falling behind the trends hanging with them as they are a solid 3 months ahead in fashion, music, and slang. They will take you to the hottest new places, and introduce you to the most bizarre of people – they often have stories like “I bumped into Naomi Campbell”, and “I ended up waking up in Paris” in a life of magic mysteries. The only con is of course the endless overdramatic, every inconvenience can turn into the most dramatic of soap operas – this can be fun for a while but in the end proves to be overkill. Catch up with them once or twice a week for the low down. You can meet this gay parading around the local park with a cut crease and unicorn frappe in hand.


We like to have a grump now and then, and be left to stew but living like this far too long can be downright depressing. Having a friend with a little pep in their step can be an uplifting thing – while their sunny disposition can at times be nauseating; you are a product of your environment and so being around happiness will soon resonate. As you get older and life hardens you, you will grow more and more cynical so take a leaf out of this friends book and just enjoy things for what they are worth. Rizzo needs her peachy fuckin’ keen Sandy. You can find this bitch hanging out at the community centre.


Most people spend so much of their life trying to be cool: keeping up with the latest fashions trends and fads. At times you may catch yourself covering up aspects of your less hip traits to not come across as the total fucking weirdo that you are. This is why you need the geek friend; someone you can fully go there with. They will always be game for attending whatever obscure event you want to attend: Comic Con, E3, tournaments. Let your freak flag fly, and have stimulating conversations with somebody who is just as passionate about your chosen hobby as you are. You can find this gay in online forums regarding your odd hobby.


Sooner or later you’ve got to face up to the fact that you’re not going to be young, and beautiful forever. Well, you’re not going to be young forever. Grown up life is totally difficult, and they don’t teach you how to deal with this shit in high school; what you need is an experienced friend who has made all of these decisions, and mistakes already so that you don’t have to! This older gay has seen, and done it all and is not afraid of sharing every detail. Dip into his wealth of knowledge, and educate yourself about everything from taxes, to love life, to, most importantly, your own gay history. You can find this older gay at any LGBT fundraiser, or parade.


Now I know what you’re thinking, “why the hell would I befriend one of these pretentious pricks?” – Well it is time to open yourself up to a new culture: while spirituality, and meditation may appear to be a crock of shit, having a template by which to live your life when you do not abide by religion can help structure the direction of your thoughts, and ideas in a better effort than the majority of waste-oids. This is actually something in spirituality, it can help you focus, relax, and live by a set of standards for a better life, and better you (if that’s even possible). Befriend someone familiar with your chosen practice that will help keep you on the straight and narrow, so that you don’t forget to practise your daily mantras. Together you can support one anthers growth, discuss new ideas, and measure your practices. You can find this guy at a self-help class, or meeting.

Drag Queens

Having a drag queen in your circle of friends will keep your life fun, whimsical, and unpredictable in the best of ways. Queens usually have an IDGAF approach to life, which when applied in the right setting can be a God-send of a mantra to practice. A night out with one, while sure to destroy you for the rest of the month, is unforgettable. Everything, and anything goes, and their undeniable confidence, and cheek this sure to rub off on you, and leave you walking taler and living louder. Furthermore, these are fierce bitches to have behind you in any situation – always pioneers in culture, they’re ones to keep close. You can meet this queen performing at bars, and clubs – try the smoking area.

The Taken Gay

This guy has been in a committed relationship for as long as you’ve known him. He and his partner are total goals for you to aspire to. Befriending this guy will keep you grounded from all of the other singletons pulling every other day. Once you decide to hold down a man for longer than a month, these guys will be more than happy to take you on double dates with them, and enjoy wholesome game nights. Even when you’re single, they are great to have around for the fabulousness of their upcoming wedding, puppy adoption, and perhaps one day even having babies. You can find this pair shopping at the farmers market for quinoa, and gluten-free panera on the weekend.

The Cruiser

The cruiser is a dime a dozen amongst homosexuals, but they are essential to have in your deck during your single years. They can pick up a guy in any given situation, and will encourage you too to put yourself out there and get laid. Whenever a relationship crumbles, this guy will be here to give you a hand. They will keep up to date with the latest sex crazes, and the hottest places to go out and pull. Plus, their stories are more than enough to keep you entertained. You can find this guy by walking into any bar ever in the world.

The Hook-Up

You’ve banged this guy. Probably a one-night-stand that went terribly wrong, and ended with a lot of laughs. Things never really worked out in a long term setting, but now and then one of you pops up for a hook-up. You keep in touch semi-regularly for a friendly catch-up, and the truth is he’s actually a decent guy; attractive, funny, good in bed. They are great to keep as a friend whenever one of you need no-strings fun, or just a cuddle sesh. You can find this guy on your chosen gay app.

The Bestie

You have been friends with this guy forever, you know each other inside out, and can trust him with everything. You’re polar opposites so sometimes question what actually keeps you together but you can’t deny the love. They were probably your first gay friend, and has remained your number one ever since. You can meet this guy through mutual friends.

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