If you’re confused about any of the terminology we use in our posts, you can look it up in our Gay Dictionary.

Name Calling

Bettie: An attractive person. (See also: Clueless)

DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend. (See also: the surprisingly good 2015 movie)

Hunty: Mixture of honey and cunt, after made great by the drag queens it was killed by white gays.

Mo: A homosexual.

Mother/Mom: A high honour given to those we are fans are, as they give us life.

QWEEN: Typically used in conjunction with Beyonce. Nickname given to divas.


Beat: When your make-up is on point. I’m going to beat her face, is a good thing.

Busted: Having a poor, unkempt appearance.

Clock: The act of checking something out.

Drag: Shredding a persons life and soul within an inch of their lives verbally.

Fleek: An over-used word to describe something good.

For the Gods: Doing something with all of your might.

Gag: An intese reaction to something.

House Down: Used instead of an exclamation point.

Kiki: Having a party with friends.

Reading: The act of verbally assaulting a person.

Shade: The art of insulting someone without them realising you’re doing so.

Sick’ning: For a situation to be beyond amazing

Tea: The gossip.

Werk: To give an outstanding presentation.

Yaaaaas: A term of endearment not to be confused with ‘yes’, this is a noise of excitement.

Searching For A Partner

BB: Bareback, if somebody offers this before saying hello, refuse.

Bottom: The down emoji. The ‘letterbox’ in the bedroom.

Discreet: Closeted, probably has a wife and 2 kids.

Dom: Prefers to be in charge, dominant, probably has daddy issues.

Masc: Encompassing traits of hetero-normative masculinity. Probably a drag queen in real life.

NSA: No String Attached. Casual sex, you’ll probably lose your wallet.

Sub: Submissive, a passive member that pairs with the dom. Probably has daddy issue too.

Top: Also known as the up emoji if you use Grindr. The ‘postman’.

Vers: These can send the post, and receive the package.

Types Of Gay Men

Twink: A skinny, young gay guy, with no body hair and ready to party. “Teenage, White, Into No Kink.”

Bear: A larger, hairy gay man.

Polar Bear: A bear with white body hair.

Black bear: A bear that is also a black man.

Panda bear: An asian bear.

Koala bear: An Australian bear.

Grizzly bear: An extreme bear in stature.

Muscle bear: A bear who is formed of more muscle than fat.

Nair bear: A bear who prefers to have zero body hair.

Otter: An in shape hairy gay man.

Wolf: A slimmer bear, with a sexual aggressiveness.

Cub: A younger, sometimes smaller version of a bear.

Chub: May not have the ruggedness of a bear, but is what can be described as unhealthily large.

Chaser: One who prefers to be intimate with a certain type of gay man. (See also: Chubby chaser, Tranny Chaser)

Daddy: An older man who encounters relationship with guys substantially younger than him.

Sugar daddy: Similar to the Daddy, but provides his lover with money and gifts.

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