Guide To: Douching

Reading the above word probably made your stomach feel a little queazy, the truth is sex talk is old hat nowadays but the thought of discussing anal douching is still a bit taboo. The practice is a necessary part of gay life, and to get it done right we’re going to discuss it!

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Guide To: Valentines Day

Valentines Day is an actual holiday, anybody who says different is either depressingly single, boring as fuck, or in a stale-ass relationship. Like any holiday where gifts and sex are the norm, it is important to make sure you’re celebrating it properly!

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Gay Icon: Judy Garland

The original gay icon, there is no replacing Judy Garland. Her memory is so syncopated with homosexuality , that she remains a frontier in the community half a century after passing.

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Guide To: Voguing

Originating in the 60s by outcast LGBT minorities, rising in the Harlem ballroom scene in the 80s, blowing up in the 90s thanks to the aptly-titled Madonna song, and spawning its own documentary Paris Is Burning; Voguing is a style of dance created to celebrate homosexual freedom.

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Guide To: Pride Flags

There are so many flags denoted to the LGBT community nowadays that it can be difficult to properly assess the meaning behind each classification. We’ve decided to break down the meanings and origin of each pride flag for your information.

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Guide To: The Hanky Code

Gay men have always been pros at searching for sex. Long before Grindr, men would use colour coded handkerchiefs to discreetly signal exactly what they were looking for. While the practice is no longer widely used, we’ve decided to explain what this phenomenon was in its heyday.

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Guide To: A Mens Mani-Pedi

If you’re thinking about what to ask for this Christmas, a good nail care kit is a must for any man.

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