Guide To: Pride Flags


There are so many flags denoted to the LGBT community nowadays that it can be difficult to properly assess the meaning behind each classification. We’ve decided to break down the meanings and origin of each pride flag for your information.

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Guide To: The Hanky Code


Gay men have always been pros at searching for sex. Long before Grindr, men would use colour coded handkerchiefs to discreetly signal exactly what they were looking for. While the practice is no longer widely used, we’ve decided to explain what this phenomenon was in its heyday.

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Guide To: A Mens Mani-Pedi


If you’re thinking about what to ask for this Christmas, a good nail care kit is a must for any man.

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Guide To: Your Winter Boyfriend

Sean O'Pry

That time of year has come, pumpkin spiced lattes and chunky sweaters are the must haves, and so is ‘the Winter boyfriend’.

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