The 10 Year Plan: Review


Sometimes you find a gay movie that is so spectacular it transcends its niche market into the mainstream, heralded by applause from audiences and critics – The 10 Year Plan is not one of those movies.

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Re-Viewed: Clueless


This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is a hefty cult classic. Duh, it’s totally Clueless!

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Top 10: Movie Mean Girls


Every high school has its mean girls, and every movie high school capitalises on this in a way that gay men love – and for good reason they’re pretty, rich, and bitchy in equal measures, and more often than not receive a mighty downfall.

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La La Land: Review


One of the most hyped up movies this award season La La Land has been described as a new classic, throwing back to the magical and fun qualities of Hollywood cinema in years past, blending nostalgia and contemporaneity in an original romantic comedy musical.

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Hurricane Bianca: Review


If one Ru Girl has the abilities to carry a feature length movie, it is without a doubt Bianca Del Rio. Her illustrious reputation proceeds her as the most worthy winner in Drag Race herstory.

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Watch Now! First Trailer For James Frano’s King Cobra!


Earlier this year we told you about one of the most exciting upcoming movies, a gay porn biopic starring James Franco, and now we get our first look at the steamy action.

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Re-Viewed: A Dirty Shame


It is upsetting that John Waters has not released a movie in over 12 years, but his last attempt with A Dirty Shame was a return to his dirty roots as it displayed 90 minutes of trashy humour.

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