Alaska Thunderfuck / Poundcake: Review


Fresh off of her All Stars 2 win, it was no doubt another killer album would be soon to follow – and Alaska delivered.

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Who Is That Poppy?


Seemingly out of nowhere internet sensation That Poppy seemed to capture the attention of users worldwide, quickly gaining a cult fanbase; yet nobody seems to know quite who she is.

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Lady Gaga / Perfect Illusion: Review


After three long years since the release of her last album, not including the jazz record the singer put out with Tony Bennet, Lady Gaga has finally released new music!

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The 2016 VMA’s List Of Winners


The VMA’s are over, Rihanna sang us through the entire night, Beyoncé snatched the night as always and Britney…performed better than 2007.

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The 2016 VMA Nominees And Our Predictions


With Adele and Beyoncé fighting it out over all the major awards, Rihanna slated to recieve the opytimous Vanguard Award, and Britney Spears preparing to take the stage since her iconic 2007 performance meltdown you’d be a fool to miss this years VMA’s.

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Ranking Britney Spears’ Albums


We are just days away from a new Britney Spears record, and after a stellar Billboard performance this year, her tour progressing from strength to strength and an upcoming VMA performance we have decided to rank our pop princess’ previous offerings.

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