Who Is Adam Ellis?


If, like me, you find yourself procrastinating on the internet for hours on end, it is entirely possible you have stumbled upon this artists work without even noticing.

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Kick Start Your Year With These Irresistable Calendars


2016 is now insurmountable as being perhaps the worst year in recent history, with many feeling down after questionable political decisions, the passing of far too many legends, and other unthinkable tragedies…Harambe anyone? The best way to kick the new year off in style is by owning one of these stunning calendars.

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Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Finale Ruview


Two months certainly flew by with our favourite queens battling it out to be crowned as the second All Star, but with four of our strongest ever queens, it’s a tough race!

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Alaska Thunderfuck / Poundcake: Review


Fresh off of her All Stars 2 win, it was no doubt another killer album would be soon to follow – and Alaska delivered.

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The X Factor Live Show Week 2: Review


We’re back for another week, and after our first (fairly predictable) elimination and a (not so shocking) disqualification, we are ready for the ‘Mowtown’ theme.

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YouTuber’s To Watch: Movie Bitches


YouTube has become a platform for everybody with an opinion they deem interesting enough to share, yet through the mountains of tired material sometimes comes a gem.

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