You Need To Be Watching This Drag Race Ru-Up!

With Drag Race firmly back on our screens, you need to start watching these comedic catch up episodes!

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Willam / The Wreckoning: Review

Fresh off her controversial disqualification from RuPaul’s Drag Race¬†way back in 2012, Willam released her first full album exclusively on her website.

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TBT: Watch ‘The Golden Girls’ Remake Clueless

There’s nothing we love more than The Golden Girls, and Clueless is an iconic movie in its own right – mix the two together and we are in gay heaven!

Re-Viewed: Clueless

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is a hefty cult classic. Duh, it’s totally Clueless!

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La La Land: Review

One of the most hyped up movies this award season La La Land has been described as a new classic, throwing back to the magical and fun qualities of Hollywood cinema in years past, blending nostalgia and contemporaneity in an original romantic comedy musical.

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Who Is Adam Ellis?

If, like me, you find yourself procrastinating on the internet for hours on end, it is entirely possible you have stumbled upon this artists work without even noticing.

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