Guide To: Rebounding

Now that we have given you a thorough, and uplifting guide to dealing with a breakup it is time to disregard all of those lessons and to instead give in to your heightened, clouded emotions and rebound!

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Adore Delano / Till Death Do Us Party: Review

With a stellar pop album full of great vocals, fun songs, and cool production, Adore Delano saw mainstream success with her impressive debut album. We’ve decided to review the record, track by track.

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Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: Review

As card-carrying homosexuals, we love Kathy Griffin and the salacious celebrity gossip that she has been dishing out since she started in stand up in the 90’s. Her latest book is no different.

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Willam / Shartistry in Motion: Review

With the success of her debut album setting up Willam in the music world, she came back even stronger with a solid sophomore effort.

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You Need To Be Watching This Drag Race Ru-Up!

With Drag Race firmly back on our screens, you need to start watching these comedic catch up episodes!

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Willam / The Wreckoning: Review

Fresh off her controversial disqualification from RuPaul’s Drag Race way back in 2012, Willam released her first full album exclusively on her website.

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TBT: Watch ‘The Golden Girls’ Remake Clueless

There’s nothing we love more than The Golden Girls, and Clueless is an iconic movie in its own right – mix the two together and we are in gay heaven!