Re-Viewed: Showgirls

Now that Elizabeth Berkley has fully embraced the magnificence that is Showgirls it seems a perfect time to rewatch the camp classic once again!

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Beauty And The Beast: Review

With the gay-baiting controversy surrounding the live action remake of the iconic Disney musical Beauty and the Beast, the more serious and subdued trailers for the movie, and the less than stellar rendition of the title song but John Legend and Ariana Grande, my expectations for this movie were pretty low before walking into the cinema.

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Re-Viewed: A Dirty Shame

It is upsetting that John Waters has not released a movie in over 12 years, but his last attempt with A Dirty Shame was a return to his dirty roots as it displayed 90 minutes of trashy humour.

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Re-Viewed: Cry-Baby

If by now you have not enjoyed the complete directorial collection of John Waters, it is time for a long Netflix and chill marathon, starting with his seminal 1990 musical, Cry-Baby.

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Tim Curry Confirmed To Star In Rocky Horror Remake

We told you previously that The Rock Horror Picture Show is undergoing a remake starring Laverne Cox, but now Tim Curry is officially attached we are that much more excited!

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Re-Viewed: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve! For our #ThrowbackThursday this week we’re making it extra festive! Well darkly festive, which is the best kind of Christmas.

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Re-Viewed: Sugar And Spice

If you haven’t seen the 2001 film Sugar and Spice then you are lucky, you get to witness the genius for the first time!

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