Guide To: Rebounding

Now that we have given you a thorough, and uplifting guide to dealing with a breakup it is time to disregard all of those lessons and to instead give in to your heightened, clouded emotions and rebound!

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Guide To: The First Date

For some first dates can be an awkward territory like going for a job interview, or being fingered by your doctor. There’s no need to let this overpower you, so we have compiled a fool proof guide to surviving the horrors that can come with this initial meeting, and shaking away the inevitable jitters.

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Guide To: Valentines Day

Valentines Day is an actual holiday, anybody who says different is either depressingly single, boring as fuck, or in a stale-ass relationship. Like any holiday where gifts and sex are the norm, it is important to make sure you’re celebrating it properly!

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The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift’s Exes

It is a staple of society to speculate about celeb lovelives, but in Taylor Swifts case this has been taken to the extreme. Known for her habitual dating and then tearing down of men Swift has quite the history of exs on her hands. We have decided to create some order in this messiness and rank T-Swifts top 20 boyfriends.

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Guide To: Your Winter Boyfriend

That time of year has come, pumpkin spiced lattes and chunky sweaters are the must haves, and so is ‘the Winter boyfriend’.

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