TBT: Remember These Failed Celebrity Clothing Lines?

From Kanye West, to the Olsen twins, to Vicky Beckham; celebrity clothing designers have churned out millions in successful clothing lines – however not all who have attempted to crack the fashion world have seen such success.

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Christina Aguilera’s Albums: Ranked

She may have lived her career in Britney Spears’ shadow, despite having the more superior pipes, but we have decided to make Xtina the star of this list by listening to and ranking all of her albums!

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Inside… Bring It On: The Musical

One of the snarkiest, bitchiest and altogether most high kicking-est productions of recent years Bring It On is the cult chick flick turned applauded Broadway musical that bring gymnastics and cheer onto the stage.

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Lady Gaga / Joanne: Review

After three long years since ARTPOP Gaga is back with another number one album, Joanne. Full off stripped back vocally strong tracks, the pop icon transitions between pop, rock and country for her latest efforts.

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Why You Should Be Watching: Girlboss

Female-fronted Netflix shows are the bomb-diggity, an early noughties throwback about a savvy hustler starting her own fashion business while juggling her complicated life is honestly more than we could ask for – and we’re so greatful.

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YouTuber’s To Watch: Manny MUA

Male make-up artists have taken over the beauty blogging business on YouTube, and Manny MUA is among one of the sites most popular with a wealth of viewers and a growing following across all social media sites.

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Apparently we have been living under a rock as we have only just stumbled upon Americas most exciting queer punk duo PWR BTTM.

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