Re-Viewed: Showgirls

Now that Elizabeth Berkley has fully embraced the magnificence that is Showgirls it seems a perfect time to rewatch the camp classic once again!

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Re-Viewed: A Dirty Shame

It is upsetting that John Waters has not released a movie in over 12 years, but his last attempt with A Dirty Shame was a return to his dirty roots as it displayed 90 minutes of trashy humour.

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Re-Viewed: Cry-Baby

If by now you have not enjoyed the complete directorial collection of John Waters, it is time for a long Netflix and chill marathon, starting with his seminal 1990 musical, Cry-Baby.

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Re-Viewed: The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve! For our #ThrowbackThursday this week we’re making it extra festive! Well darkly festive, which is the best kind of Christmas.

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Re-Viewed: Sugar And Spice

If you haven’t seen the 2001 film Sugar and Spice then you are lucky, you get to witness the genius for the first time!

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Re-Viewed: Jawbreaker

Heathers, Clueless, Mean Girls. We all love the evolution of teen queens throughout cinematic history but one gem seems to be largely left unnoticed. Jawbreaker! Happy #ThrowbackThursday

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