How The Babadook Became An Overnight Gay Icon

During this years pride month you’ve most likely stumbled across an odd addition to the LGBT family at Pride festivals, news articles, and in memes – well prepare to be Babashook by this years hottest new gay icon; The Babadook.

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Gay Icon: Bette Midler

One of the foremost names that arise when the word ‘gay icon’ is mentioned, Bette Midler has built her career almost exclusively for, and by gay men. From getting her start in the gay bathhouses of New York to throwing shade at Trump via Twitter and all the musicals in between she is fabulous. She is outspoken. She is a gay icon.

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Lady Gaga / Joanne: Review

After three long years since ARTPOP Gaga is back with another number one album, Joanne. Full off stripped back vocally strong tracks, the pop icon transitions between pop, rock and country for her latest efforts.

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Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: Review

As card-carrying homosexuals, we love Kathy Griffin and the salacious celebrity gossip that she has been dishing out since she started in stand up in the 90’s. Her latest book is no different.

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Straight Outta Oz: Review

Last year Todrick Hall dropped a Lemonade-esque visual album, Straight Outta Oz. Now he has reworked his successful project into a deluxe edition feature.

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Gay Icon: Cher

The phrase ‘gay icon’ gets thrown around so easily nowadays with so many pop princesses on the scene, but Cher is a tried and tested icon of all icons.

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TBT: Watch ‘The Golden Girls’ Remake Clueless

There’s nothing we love more than The Golden Girls, and Clueless is an iconic movie in its own right – mix the two together and we are in gay heaven!

Gay Icon: Judy Garland

The original gay icon, there is no replacing Judy Garland. Her memory is so syncopated with homosexuality , that she remains a frontier in the community half a century after passing.

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Meet Your 2016 LGBT Olympians!

Rio 2016 has broken the record for the amount of out LGBT members competing for medals, with an astounding 42 athletes representing.

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Ranking Britney Spears’ Albums

We are just days away from a new Britney Spears record, and after a stellar Billboard performance this year, her tour progressing from strength to strength and an upcoming VMA performance we have decided to rank our pop princess’ previous offerings.

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