Model On The Rise: Laith Ashley


The fashion world is changing, more so now than ever before. While it has always been an industry for pushing boundaries, Laith Ashley shook up the game when he hit the scene last year.

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The 10 Year Plan: Review


Sometimes you find a gay movie that is so spectacular it transcends its niche market into the mainstream, heralded by applause from audiences and critics – The 10 Year Plan is not one of those movies.

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YouTuber’s To Watch: Jaymes Mansfield


We love gay YouTubers, we love drag queens, so whats better than a gay drag queen YouTuber? Jaymes Mansfield is a uber-cutesy queen with big hair, and an even bigger personality.

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Guide To: Douching


Reading the above word probably made your stomach feel a little queazy, the truth is sex talk is old hat nowadays but the thought of discussing anal douching is still a bit taboo. The practice is a necessary part of gay life, and to get it done right we’re going to discuss it!

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Guide To: Valentines Day


Valentines Day is an actual holiday, anybody who says different is either depressingly single, boring as fuck, or in a stale-ass relationship. Like any holiday where gifts and sex are the norm, it is important to make sure you’re celebrating it properly!

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YouTuber’s To Watch: Travis Bryant


YouTube is home to so many LGBT personalities; it is a refreshing mode of media that allows us to peek into another persons life for a short while, and Travis Bryant is definitely worth a peek.

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Charlie Puth Nudes Leaked


Charlie Puth took no time in skyrocketing to the top of the charts as a regulated A -list singer. He may only have one album, but his success is evident.

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