Inside… Hairspray

While it may be regarded as one of the most popular musicals of recent years, there was a time that Hairspray was a little known indie film by an outcast director. Here’s how it became a phenomenon…

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Top 10: Movie Mean Girls

Every high school has its mean girls, and every movie high school capitalises on this in a way that gay men love – and for good reason they’re pretty, rich, and bitchy in equal measures, and more often than not receive a mighty downfall.

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Get Your First Look At Hairspray Live!

With the stunning triumph that was Grease: Live earlier this year, everyone is on tenderhooks for what NBC will be doing to top them with Hairspray!

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Re-Viewed: Cry-Baby

If by now you have not enjoyed the complete directorial collection of John Waters, it is time for a long Netflix and chill marathon, starting with his seminal 1990 musical, Cry-Baby.

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