Gay History: Gay Men In Nazi Germany, And The Holocaust

On June 30, 2017 Germany said “yes” to gay marriage in a landmark vote that saw the Bundestag (German Parliament), pass a bill that allows same-sex couples to have equal marriage rights. This is an achievement milestone for the countries LGBT community following attempts of extermination only decades prior.

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Gay History: The Mattachine Society

If you are unaware, The Mattachine Society were one of the earliest gay rights organisations in the United States that worked to support one another during the strict regime of their pre-gay rights era.

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Gay Icon: Bette Midler

One of the foremost names that arise when the word ‘gay icon’ is mentioned, Bette Midler has built her career almost exclusively for, and by gay men. From getting her start in the gay bathhouses of New York to throwing shade at Trump via Twitter and all the musicals in between she is fabulous. She is outspoken. She is a gay icon.

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Gay Icon: Judy Garland

The original gay icon, there is no replacing Judy Garland. Her memory is so syncopated with homosexuality , that she remains a frontier in the community half a century after passing.

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Guide To: The Hanky Code

Gay men have always been pros at searching for sex. Long before Grindr, men would use colour coded handkerchiefs to discreetly signal exactly what they were looking for. While the practice is no longer widely used, we’ve decided to explain what this phenomenon was in its heyday.

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Top 10: Bops Of The Week

It’s Friday 18 December! Time for our last weekend before that big day! We’ve compiled an extra special top 10 bops of the week for you today!

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