Top 10: Gay Magazines

Print journalism is in a state of chaos, and with publications dissolving left, right, and centre it is important to keep our gay media alive, and thriving. To give you the lowdown on which glossy mags you should be supporting we have listed the top 10 for you to buy.

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Guide To: 10 Gay Men To Befriend

We have already listed the 10 kinds of gay men you need to avoid, so now we’re giving you the 10 best dudes to befriend! From drama queens, to hook-ups we have it all.

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Guide To: 10 Gay Men To Avoid

You spend so much of you life making an effort to befriend people, and have them like you. You’re kind, thoughtful, funny, caring; all in all a pretty dope friend. It is rare we truly sit down with ourselves however, and as “is this friendship working for me?” – but now is the time to really reflect on the types of friend you need to let go of.

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Top 10: Lindsay Lohan Movies

She was the greatest up-and-coming star that captured the hearts of a generation, until she took her boundless potential as Hollywoods teen queen and suffered the greatest of downfalls this side of the 00’s.

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Where Are They Now? The Stars Of 90210

A spin off from Beverly Hills, 90210 this popular series ran for five season following the happenings of our favourite spoiled little rich kids. After all the drama our stars of 90210 were put through we have decided to take a look back and see where the actors are now.

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Top 10: Movie Mean Girls

Every high school has its mean girls, and every movie high school capitalises on this in a way that gay men love – and for good reason they’re pretty, rich, and bitchy in equal measures, and more often than not receive a mighty downfall.

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The Super Bowl Halftime Shows: Ranked

Lady Gaga just performed a spectacular Halftime show for the 51st Super Bowl, and in honour of the event we have decided to rank all the artists to have perform at the esteemed event.

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