Spotlight On: Olly Alexander

With so few successful LGBT members in the media, it is important to recognise and support the openly gay stars that we do have. Olly Alexander is the frontman of one of the most exciting, and successful new bands in recent time Years & Years synonymously becoming a forefront LGBT figure in the mainstream media.

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Steve Grand / All American Boy: Review

Openly gay singer Steve Grand went from YouTube cover artist to an internationally known star almost overnight when his debut single ‘All American Boy’ went viral. His follow up album under the same name enjoyed success making him one of the most prominent LGBT singers of our time.

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Lady Gaga / Joanne: Review

After three long years since ARTPOP Gaga is back with another number one album, Joanne. Full off stripped back vocally strong tracks, the pop icon transitions between pop, rock and country for her latest efforts.

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Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: Review

As card-carrying homosexuals, we love Kathy Griffin and the salacious celebrity gossip that she has been dishing out since she started in stand up in the 90’s. Her latest book is no different.

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Where Are They Now? Mika

For a short time in 2007, Mika blew up as one of the most interesting, and popular artists in the UK. Despite a sensational debut, his star burned as quickly as it did bright and we never heard from the British artist ever again.

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Re-Viewed: Showgirls

Now that Elizabeth Berkley has fully embraced the magnificence that is Showgirls it seems a perfect time to rewatch the camp classic once again!

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TBT: Check Out These Retro Versions Of Pop Hits!

Has there ever been a gayer era for music than in the 80’s? That decade was such a fun, and upbeat time in popular music. Now a YouTube user has remixed our favourite tracks with an old school flare.

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