Christina Aguilera’s Albums: Ranked

She may have lived her career in Britney Spears’ shadow, despite having the more superior pipes, but we have decided to make Xtina the star of this list by listening to and ranking all of her albums!

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Prince’s Albums: Ranked

It is the one year anniversary since the passing of Prince, and with a hefty catalogue of music he left the world we decided to rank his albums.

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Survivor Season 34: Ranking The Contestants

Survivor: Game Changers (the 34th season!) has just begun, and before catching up we have decided to rank this seasons hopefuls.

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Beyonce’s Albums: Ranked

Beyoncé is the greatest pop star of our generation. This is fact. To celebrate her all around Beyoncé-ness we have decided to officially rank her albums thus far.

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The Super Bowl Halftime Shows: Ranked

Lady Gaga just performed a spectacular Halftime show for the 51st Super Bowl, and in honour of the event we have decided to rank all the artists to have perform at the esteemed event.

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