Beauty and the Beast / Soundtrack: Review

All of our favourite numbers from the original Beauty and the Beast, as well as some very strong original songs were a highlight of the new movie – and to celebrate its success we have decided to review the new soundtrack!

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Beauty And The Beast: Review

With the gay-baiting controversy surrounding the live action remake of the iconic Disney musical Beauty and the Beast, the more serious and subdued trailers for the movie, and the less than stellar rendition of the title song but John Legend and Ariana Grande, my expectations for this movie were pretty low before walking into the cinema.

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Why You Should Be Watching Pretty Little Liars

Adapted from the popular Pretty Little Liars books, this show is a mystery drama that will keep you binge watching with its jaw-dropping cliff hangers. Coming to a close now on Freeform, and Netflix; its time you catch up on this series.

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Willam / The Wreckoning: Review

Fresh off her controversial disqualification from RuPaul’s Drag Race way back in 2012, Willam released her first full album exclusively on her website.

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Re-Viewed: Clueless

This weeks #ThrowbackThursday is a hefty cult classic. Duh, it’s totally Clueless!

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Violet Chachki / Gagged: Review

If you happened to have seen the seventh season of Rupauls Drag Race you’ll be quite aware that Violet Chachki does not possess a brilliant vocal range, but as the winner she needs something to sell to rake in the coin.

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Why You Should Be Watching: Riverdale

Based on the popular Archie comic books, Riverdale is the newest teen soap with a whole host of sexy, mysterious, and dramatic happenings. Airing on The CW, it is one to check out as their most exciting new show.

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